This last few weeks have been busy and productive. I have had several articles published. One in the Sun about things going on in Lincolnshire to celebrate the RAF in its Centenary year, my article about my trip to Siena in Italy to watch the Palio was in Italia! magazine and one of my brewery articles was in Lincolnshire Life. My plans for organising History Tours of Boston  are coming on well with the help of my partner in this venture Iain Braid. We are planning to set up a Facebook page in the Autumn detailing what we are going to offer. Then we shall start properly in the Spring of 2019. This gives us a year to get established before hopefully being swamped with American visitors coming over to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Sailing of the Mayflower to the New World. I was luck enough to get a tour around Shodfriars Hall the other day and hear all about the plans that the management at Blackfriars have got for it now that they have bought it. I am also going off to Lincoln shortly to talk about setting up courses about Travel Writing with the WEA, hopefully in Boston, Spalding and Sleaford. I still do my talks for WI’s, Rotaries etc although they seem to happen more in the winter months. I am going to be setting up new talks about the History of Blackfriars Theatre, The Palio of Siena and Further adventures of a travel writer.. I have also been chatting to Sarah who is the head of Travel and Tourism at our local college and she wants me to come and talk to her students about life as a travel writer.

As regards actual trips, I am off to Piedmont in September and shall be visiting the Palio in Asti (of Spumante fame!). touring round Turin and visiting the vineyards of Barolo and revisiting Alba -home of the biggest Truffle Fair ever. Then hopefully back to Florence in October. Am working on getting a trip to the French Alps. I first visited this area when I was twelve and would love to return and retrace my steps.

I still have my two blogs


and my travel writer FB page and also Days out with Granny FB page

Think that is enough to keep me going for the time being…….




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