I have had such a busy few weeks. I have learnt such a lot about the aviation history of Lincolnshire whilst researching stuff for my article for the Sun which hopefully will be in soon. I got to visit the new Bomber Command Centre which is wonderful and a fitting tribute to the brave men of Bomber Command. I was also lucky enough to look around the visitor centre at RAF Scampton where I got to see Guy Gibson’s office and learn so much about the Dambuster’s raid. I then got to return a few weeks later to the press preview of the Bastions of the Air exhibition which is all about the First World War in Lincolnshire and really well worth a visit. RAF Metheringham was so interesting and we had a great tour given by Andy Marston. Not got to RAF Digby yet but I will! I am also looking forward to seeing my Palio trip in Siena with Hedonistic hiking in next months issue of Italia! and then in the Daily Mail. Also my series of Brewery visits in Lincolnshire Life

I am changing direction in the next few months. I shall still be visiting Italy but hopefully on more foodie trips for my blog I will be concentrating on this blog and also my Lincolnshire BUT my big news is that I am going to be doing historical tours of Boston towards the end of the summer. WATCH THIS SPACE for more information. I shall also be offering more talks on different subjects to WI’s, Rotary’s and Probus Clubs etc . I will be doing a new one about my travel writing and press trips and also one about the history of Blackfriars Theatre and then eventually one about the life of a tour guide!! I am also going to be writing more walks for Country Walking magazine.

In two weeks time I am off to Bologna to get a lot of material for my Italian foodie blog, then in September I am off to Piedmont to sample truffles, Barolo wine and much more.

Next Saturday I am off to the Eel Festival at Ely which I am hoping to get an article out of. When I know more

about the tours I am going to offer I will share it on here and other social media platforms.



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