I  am so pleased we are now heading for spring. I am not a winter person at all and this one seems to have been  a particularly long one. To cheer myself up I am busy planning trips to Italy. I am definitely going to Sicily in September and have two or three other trips in the being planned as I write!! Watch this space. I did visit Toulouse in France for the New Year and was pleasantly surprised how much French I could still speak after years of going to Italy and speaking Italian. Toulouse is a beautiful city and we stayed in a great apartment near the centre. I would love to go back and visit in the Summer. If anybody is interested in going I can certainly tell you more about it. I shall try to get an article out of it too.

At the moment though I am very busy visiting aviation sites in Lincolnshire for an article in the Sun that links in with the Centenary of the RAF this year. as I have been lucky enough to get this chance to visit all these fascinating places I am trying to get commissions for a few more articles about it. I will post  about my experiences when I have visited them all.

The above image is the Dambuster’s Memorial in Woodhall Spa.


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