My feet have not touched the ground this summer. I started my Italian travels in Pistoia, the Italian City of Culture this year. I was there to explore this beautiful but sometimes overlooked city and to watch the Joust of the Bear. The Joust is the highlight of the year in Pistoia but unfortunately for me it was cancelled due to a massive storm on the day. I was so unlucky. There had been no rain for over six weeks in Italy  and it had to finally come on the day of the Joust. It took place the next night but I was on my way home then. However I still had a fantastic three days and was met by my friend Michela who whisked me off to her husbands restaurant and fed me with platefuls of delicious food. The next day I was shown around the city by the really helpful girls from the tourist office. On my last day I was shown round by Tania who shared her passion for Pistoia with me.. I shall be writing an article about my trip for Italia! magazine so if you would like to learn more about it watch out  for a copy.

My next trip was to totally immerse myself in the Palio experience in Siena. If you don’t know what the Palio is its a bareback race around the main square in Siena ( which is not square at all -its the shape of a shell!). I was there with Hedonistic Hiking and they wine and dine you and get you involved in the whole lead up to the Palio. To say the Sienese are passionate about the Palio is an understatement. They live and breathe it from one race to the next and to be there for it all was a magical experience. I would thoroughly recommend this trip with Hedonistic Hiking. When you are not in Siena you get to walk in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. I will have an article in the Daily Mail and Italia! magazine about this trip.


My next Italian trip was to Florence -my favourite place in the world. This was not a press trip. I was there with friends. I had a wonderful time showing them round and sharing my passion for this beautiful city. I shall be getting some articles out of this trip too and it has inspired me to think about organising small trips t Italy for discerning travellers. Watch this space

Back in Lincolnshire I have also been busy writing articles about the microbreweries I have been visiting. I have also been doing talks for WI’s and other organisations and I have a lot of new ones planned. In the next few weeks I shall be planning where I will be going next year. In the meantime follow my two blogs http://www.mrskeatsherwayarounditaly.com and http://www.365goodreasonstovisitlincolnshire.wordpress.com.




2 thoughts on “A BUSY SUMMER

    1. Hi Maz,
      Apologies for not replying sooner!! Life has just got in the way l’m afraid. I became a travel writer very gradually. I was passionate about Italy and decided that I could use my passion and knowledge by writing articles about it and hopefully get to go on press trips. . I went on several courses and read various books about it and went on from there. Its hard to get known to start with but you just have to keep going. If you want to know more let me know. Best wishes, Jane x


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