Apologies for not posting on here for ages but I have been so busy. most of my time has been spent writing and researching the book I have written about the last fifty years of Blackfriars Theatre in Boston which has now been published. In between  all this work I have still managed to escape to Italy on a few occasions. First trip of the year was to visit English friends who have retired there and live on the borders of Tuscany and Liguria. Although the weather wasn’t brilliant we had a great time and visited the Cinque Terre in the rain and the wind. While we were in Tuscany we stopped over in San Gimignano for a night and met up with my friend Christine who lives there and is married to an Italian sculptor. She gave me a guided tour round San Gimignano showing many of her husband Maurizio’s sculptures which are dotted around the town. I wrote about these in a 48 Hours in San Gimignano article in the January issue of Italia! magazine.

The next trip was very special. My cousin and her partner invited us to go and stay with them in Casa Guidi in Florence. This property was where Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her husband Robert lived while they were in Florence. I had wanted to do this ever since  I had first visited Florence so it was a dream come true. We also visited the English Cemetery where Elizabeth is buried.

My next trip was a press trip to Mantova or Mantua as we call it in England. I explored the history of the Gonzaga family, especially Isabella d’Este, went on a boat trip on the man made lakes around the city and ate some lovely food including donkey stew! It is a lovely city and I would thoroughly recommend it. it is not heaving with tourists like many Italian cities. I will return one day.

My final but most relaxing trip of the year was to a yoga retreat at the Watermill at Posara. Everything about it was wonderful, the surroundings, the yoga teacher Claire Murphy, the food and the other participants. The website is http://www.watermill.net if you would like to find out more.

All this trips are going to be featured in future issues of Italia! magazine so keep an eye out for them if you want to find out more about my experiences.

Finally I have just set up an Italian foodie blog called http://www.mrskeatsherwayarounditaly.com. This recounts my foodie adventures in Italy and is well worth a follow.

With regards to local Lincolnshire stuff I have just been commissioned by Lincolnshire Life magazine to write a series of articles about micro breweries in Lincolnshire. I have had plenty of volunteers willing to help me with the research!!


















One thought on “WHAT A YEAR!!!

  1. Lovely article. Oh well. It’s” Tea with Mussolini” and “A Room with a View” for this evenings entertainment.
    Definitely no Donkey Stew.


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